38 Caliber 125 Grain Jacketed Soft Point(250 count)

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Premium American made, .357 diameter 125 grain jacketed soft point projectiles. These bullets are very consistent and feature a precision drawn copper jacket and a lead core with a cannelure. There is no exposed lead on the rear end of these bullets so they make for a very clean burning option for indoor ranges.  The soft point cuts very clean holes in paper for target and will also work well in a self defense application.  These can be used in 38 special or in the higher pressured 357 magnum, they can withstand magnum pressures with no problem at all.  We have a number of customers using these in 357 magnum lever guns at very high velocities with no issues.  

Quantity Discount as Follows

500 pieces, 2 units in cart: $108.00, $54.00/250

1000 pieces, 4 units in cart: $208.00 per K, $52.00/250

2500 pieces, 10 units in cart: $200.00 per K, $50.00/250

3500 pieces, 14 units in cart: $192.00 per K, $48.00/250


250 pieces per unit.
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