45 ACP Nickel Plated Law Enforcement Brass Small Primer(500 count) FREE TUMBLE CLEANING!

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All indoor shot and stored small primer 45 ACP fully sorted to remove large primer pocket and yellow brass.  It is mechanically sorted 3 times then sorted by hand twice to remove any damaged brass or foreign calibers. Once it is brought to all 45 ACP it is then sorted by hand again to remove any large primer pocket brass. As always we are tumbling this brass and adding an additional 2% to the overall weight of the order to ensure you get your money's worth. Purchase this brass with absolute confidence in quality, accuracy of sort, and cleanliness.

We have not had enough time to produce much of this material as it is so labor intense to remove the small primer from the large.  When we first started in 2010, small primer brass accounted for an average of under 5% of the total load.  Currently, nickel plated brass has a 50/50 ratio of small to large primer pocket material.  The time it takes to sort this material properly, the way our customers have come to expect has increased tremendously from when we first starting selling this brass.  Though our labor cost has increased dramatically on this product, we will not cut corners and put out a sub par product, that is our commitment to our loyal customer base.

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