45 ACP 230 Grain Accu Coat Round Nose(250 Count)

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45 ACP 230 Grain round nose coated bullets now available at Northeast!  These bullets start life as ingots consisting of 92% lead, 6% antimony, and 2% tin, the optimal lead composition for the making of projectiles.  The coating is a polymer based material that has been tested extensively for optimal performance.  The coating material reduces friction and wear on your barrel and will not smoke.  Unlike traditional lead cast bullets, these will not leave any leading in the barrel.  This is critical in maintaining consistent barrel condition so your last shot will land where your first did as long as you do your job as a shooter.  These projectiles are twice sized, once prior to coating and then a second time after coating to ensure consistent diameter.  The price point on these bullets is such that even the most cost conscious shooters can justify using them.  Coated bullets provide many of the benefits of a plated or fmj bullet while remaining closer in price to a lead cast bullet.

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