450 Bushmaster Fired Brass(100 Count)

100% of 100

Excellent quality 450 Bushmaster brass from our indoor contracted ranges in stock and ready to ship now! The 450 Bushmaster was designed as a close range, big bore hunting caliber for use in the AR platform. With so many states allowing straight wall cartridges for hunting we've been getting lots of calls for 450 Bushmaster. The 450 Bushmaster is a nice addition to any loading bench because it takes .452 diameter projectiles, anyone loading 45 ACP, 45 Colt, or 454 Casull has these bullets in their inventory already. As with all of our brass, this material is mechanically sorted three times, hand sorted twice, and tumble cleaned. We also add an additional 2% to the overall weight of the brass to ensure you get your money's worth!

100 pieces per unit.
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