30 Carbine Deprimed Ready to Load Brass(250 ct.)

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In stock and ready to ship now!  30 Carbine, all same Armscor stamp, deprimed, sized, and steel pin tumbled this material looks like jewelry.  It began life as loaded 30 M1 carbine and was shot to test rifles at an indoor range owned by a large firearms manufacturer.  The material was picked up and then sold to us as #1 brass and we decided it was the perfect material to process.  We have steel pin tumbled, deprimed, and resized this material, it is as close to new brass as you can get!  Purchase this material with absolute confidence in quality and cleanliness.

Quantity Discount As Follows:

2 units in cart, 500 count: $140.00, $70.00 per 250 ct.

4 units in cart, 1000 count: $272.00, $68.00 per 250 ct.

12 units in cart, 3000 count: $792.00, $264.00 per k($66.00/250 ct.)

250 pieces per unit.
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