Processed Brass(Ready to Load)

This brass is ready to load, it has been very carefully and methodically processed and washed. We stand behind all of our products 100%!

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  1. 300 Blackout Premium Processed Brass(250 count)
    300 Blackout Premium Processed Brass(250 count)

    Northeast premium processed 300 Blackout brass is now in stock and ready to ship!  We are very particular about the 5.56 brass we use to make our blackout, there are only certain headstamps that will convert properly and then feed reliably in rifles.  We have several law enforcement accounts that produce a mix of Federal, Lake City, Remington, Winchester, and PMC.  We know these stamps all make excellent quality 300 blackout brass but we only recieve them once per year after qualifications so we can only produce limited amounts.  If we used our standard mixed stamp .223/5.56 we could produce endless amounts of 300 blackout but the quality of the final product is not the same as the previously mentioned headstamps. We will never sacrifice quality in an effort to produce more.  This material was washed, deprimed, resized, swaged, trimmed, and necked down to 30 caliber.  We then run it a second time to swage again and to flare the case mouth before the final wash and polish.  Tremendous care and labor went into making this brass, no shortcuts, no corners cut, the final product speaks for itself.

    As with our Premium processed .223 Remington brass, this material has been swaged twice to ensure military crimped primer pockets have been properly removed for more reliable primer seating.  We found that while a single pass and single swage was fine for 99% of our customers, those using softer primers like Federal were experiencing more than usual crushed primers.  After having spoken to them and finding that a soft primer was the common thread in each issue, we decided to just double swage all of our 300 Blackout brass.  We have gotten excellent feedback on this brass and repeat purchases have been the norm.

    As with all blackout brass you should always crimp the bullet in place to ensure reliable feeding.  If the case mouth is still flared after loading, you might have chambering issues.  If anyone has questions, feel free to reach out to us!  


    Quantity discount as follows, prices include shipping!

    500 pieces, 2 units in cart: $140.00

    1000 pieces, 4 units in cart: $272.00

    2000 pieces, 8 units in cart: $264.00 per K

    3000 pieces, 12 units in cart: $256.00 per K





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  2. 9MM Premium Processed Brass(250 count)
    9MM Premium Processed Brass(250 count)
    97% of 100

    Premium fully processed and ready to load Nickel plated 9MM brass.  We have gotten enough requests to add nickel plated 9MM brass along side our yellow brass 9MM. Our premium line of processed brass includes decapping and resizing, removing any primer pocket crimp(swaging), roll sizing to remove any glock bulge, case mouth flare for easy bullet seating, and washing.   This brass will eliminate 5 tedious steps and have you shooting more and processing less! Even those with fully automated presses can benefit from this brass as it is washed,roll sized, and pressure tested. The process of roll sizing sizes the brass from the outside to remove any "glock bulge" from top to bottom.  Purchase this brass with absolute confidence in quality and cleanliness.

    Volume Discount as Follows:

    Prices include shipping!!

    500 count, 2 units cart: $60.00

    1000 count, 4 units in cart: $100.00

    4000 count, 16 units in cart: $92.00 per K

    6000 count, 24 units in cart: $86.00 per K

    12000 count, 48 units in cart: $76.00 per K

    24000 count, 96 units in cart: $68.00 per K






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