Current Shipping Times

With the unprecedented volume as a result of the current state of affairs in the country, we are at 15 business days to ship orders.  Many orders are shipping sooner, but in the worst case scenario, 15 business days is the current turn around time.   Our system, like all online commerce platforms, collects payment to secure the inventory for your order.  If you can add a product to your cart, we have it in stock, we do not take backorders or sell anything we do not have in our possession.  We are working hard and all hands are on deck packing orders.


Confirmation emails and shipping emails:  A number of customers reported not receiving tracking or order confirmations, these are getting flagged as spam now more than ever for some reason, check your spam folder if you did not receive an order confirmation.


Postal Tracking:  Please take USPS tracking with a grain of salt.  We are seeing many packages arrive at their destination with not a single scan except for a delivery scan.  Just because something scanned in a particular location, doesn't mean its still there.  Furthermor if something hasn't scanned in a few days, that doesn't mean it hasn't moved, this is common right now. 

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