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All of our brass has been mechanically sorted 3 times and hand sorted twice. Before shipping we give it a final hand sort and add an additional 2% to the overall weight of the order ensuringy you get your money's worth. We are also tumble cleaning all of our brass at no extra charge to our customers!

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  1. 9MM Premium Processed Brass(250 count)
    9MM Premium Processed Brass(250 count)
    96% of 100

    Premium fully processed and ready to load 9MM brass. Our premium line of processed brass includes decapping and resizing, pressure testing for cracks, removing any primer pocket crimp by means of reaming(superior to traditional swaging), roll sizing to remove any glock bulge, and liquid washing.  This brass is not typical dillon 1050 processed brass that is often peddled online.  The enhanced swaging technique by actually reaming physically removes the rough crimped edge in the primer pocket to ensure smooth primer seating.  In any ammunition manufacturing setting or home reloading, swage related issues are the most prevelant, with reamed pockets most of the issues people face with normal swaged brass are eliminated.  The pressure testing in this brass will remove cracked cases that do not hold at least 15 PSI.  This brass will eliminate a number of tedious steps and have you shooting more and processing less!

    Volume Discount as Follows:

    Prices include shipping!!

    500 count, 2 units cart: $60.00

    1000 count, 4 units in cart: $104.00

    4000 count, 16 units in cart: $96.00 per K

    6000 count, 24 units in cart: $88.00 per K

    12000 count, 48 units in cart: $80.00 per K

    24000 count, 96 units in cart: $72.00 per K






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